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What can KNT do for you ?

With 8 years production experience, KNT has produced and supplied all the connectors and cables for RC Model, samples could be customized as per your requirement within 1-2 hours, shipped within 3-4 hours.We always send orders within shortest time . Efficiency and quality is our best service.

KNT also has its own SMT equipments and electronic engineers, matching clients'requests to customize kinds of electronic products.Our equipments can mount the smallest resistor&capacitor size at 0402 even 0201, ensure that the RC electronic products are the most minimized and lightest. The represent one is 4 in 1 ESC, with small size,stable quality,biggest current(Max burst current is 80A).

At present ,our mainly electronic products are: ESC, LED control board, LED PCB,flight control system ,GPS ,RX/TX control board ,OSD and exactly ...

If you want to develop or update your own product,we can supply OEM/ODM service,100% test before shipping and ensuring qualified .All clients'information are confidentiality.

Contact :

KNT SMT Service
KNT SMT Engineering department for your RC electronic product design, SMT Production Structure Engineer for your electronic products and aircraft to provide CNC product structure design, sample production and production services. You only need to provide drawings or samples. If you like

Service Email:   Phone: +86-752-2185210    Address: XinHu Industrial zone, MaAn, HuiZhou,Guangdong,China   Zipcode: 516100  
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