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        Wireless Voltage Display
Brand: KNT
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The screen will be displayed below issues when you start the wireless voltage display
1.  Product name or item No
2.  The company name or website(you could use your company name or website if the quantity is upto 50pcs)
3.  Long distance: the signal is weak
     Short distance: the signal is strong
4.  The voltage of 1S
5.  The voltage of 2S
6.  The voltage of 3S
7.  The total voltage
8.  The status of the display power
9.  Height of suddenly rising
10. Height of suddenly falling
11. The spacing distance of the aircraft(the wireless voltage display)
12. The cabin temperature
13. Setting the data of alarm voltage

This kit of Wireless voltage display contains:
1,Transmitter board×1(production weld the cable antenna).
2,Receiver board×1(production weld the cable antenna).
3,PVC shrink film of transmitter & receiver.
4, Buzzer × 1

1, Real-time return 2S \ 3S battery of circuit voltage and total voltage.
2, Could set the alarm voltage,the range: 3.3V-4.2V, other ranges please state in advance.
3.Real-time return the vertical height distance from the take-off point.
4 Real-time return the temperature of aircraft cabin .
5, Records the the maximum of upward & downward vertical distance from the take-off point.
6, The transmission distance is not less than 500 meters when line-of-sight no obstruction.

Technical parameters:

1. The transmitter:
Frequency Range: 428MHz ... 438MHz
Transmit power: 20dBm/100mW
Operating voltage: lowest 2S lithium-powered
Working current: 85mA or so
Measuring voltage range: Single volatge ≤ 4.3V, total voltage ≤ 13V
Error of measuring the voltage : <30mV
Measuring height range: +999 meters ... -500 meters
Error of measuring height : ± 2 meters
Temperature measuring range: 0 ... 65 ℃
Error of temperature measuremen: ± 2 ℃

2. Receiver:
Frequency Range: 428MHz ... 438MHz
Receiver sensitivity:-121dBm
Operating voltage: 3.6V ... 6V
Operating Current: 80mA
Charging current: 750mA

Switch on the transmitter, receiver, power supply.

LED indicator meanings:
1, The transmitter: when turned on,the red LED flashed serveral time,it means to start up successfully, then it flashed slowly, the data is being emitted when lighting on,the data sent successfully when lighting off.
2, Receiver:
The left side of the red LED: charging indicator,lighting in charging.
The middle of the green LED:fully charged indicator,
lighting when battery enough.
The right side of the blue LED: status indicator, LCD screen will display information boot, after one second,  the right blue LED lit, it's towarding Receiver to send reset instruction. If the potential difference of receiver within five meters, it could receive instruction and automatic reset,in the mean time, the highly records are cleared. Then LED flashing each time after received data successfully. It fail to receive upon no blinking.

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